I am currently reading George Eliot’s Middlemarch. It was originally published as a serial, how people must have thirsted for the next installment with the same eagerness as many of our parents do for the crazy dramas on TV.

George Eliot has wonderfully witty commentary and reflections on the sexism and mentality of Victorian England, which regularly reveals its shocking ugliness even now, and she indulges us in our obsession with relationships. We listen in on intimate conversations between siblings, men and women, old married couples and new married couples. We get nervous for our heroine as she falls into a tragic marriage screaming ‘don’t do it!’ hoping she will hear us and praying we won’t do the same in our turn.

I read this book thinking how lucky we are as women today and how different our lives are to the characters of the book but also how similar we are and how so very easily some women in our culture forgo their freedom, ambitions and even their voice for family peace and comfort. Sometimes I describe Indian/Pakistani culture as Victorian slash 2011 although I’m unsure if we get the best of both worlds.

If you get around to reading this gem that I am recommending, please don’t forget to add a comment with your review.



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