Pink is for women

I experienced New Delhi’s New Metro on my last trip and it was quite a treat. My journey was from Qutab Minar in South Delhi to Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi and back.

At the station I waited behind the pink tape barrier, beside the pink paint sticker on the ground for the women only carriage.  I was disappointed to find the carriage was not pink, wouldn’t that be nice?

Inside, it was a crowded but pleasant journey. It was my journey back that had the action. I was standing near the door, near the security guard (one male or female guard is positioned in every female carriage on every train) when a MAN, yes a MAN, tried to come in to our carriage. Everyone was shocked as this shameless man tried to argue with the guard to come in. He was hounded out and then when the train door shut the security guard said ‘and he claims to be educated!’ my fellow passengers and I all tutted and mumbled. I loved it, would that scene happen anywhere else in the world? God bless Delhi.


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