Black Swan Naughty Swan

After much hype, critical acclaim and chat about the film’s darkness I finally got to the cinema to watch Black Swan. I am a fan of Natalie Portman not just for her acting ability but for her sense of style, beauty and eloquence too. I also think it’s great to see a successful movie with a female lead character. However, I felt quite a big yawn and a feeling of ‘here we go again’.

It’s a simple tale about an incredibly narcissistic woman and dancer striving for perfection who can’t get the lead in the ballet until she masturbates, engages in lesbian fantasies and gets off with her boss.  Natalie looks beautiful in the film, the costumes are indeed due the praise they have been receiving but the film indulges odd fantasies and strange opinions, for example that real natural talent and IT factor can only be released through sexual encounters and sexual indulgence.  Really? It is just such a boring opinion and the stereotypes don’t end there…red lipstick is for slags, white is good, black is bad…

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One Comment to “Black Swan Naughty Swan”

  1. I agree with some of your comments – a lot of the film was made for the enjoyment of men under the guise of art film – there are not many films (that aren’t French) where you get to see girl on girl action and don’t have to sit next to teenaged boys. There was nothing new to learn about schizophrenia, which other films have done better, and my 5 year old niece could’ve worked out the black swan white swan analogy. And how pathetically biblical – good swan, virginal, frigid, sleeps in child’s bed. Bad swan takes drugs, has sex in toilets, stabs people. I didn’t even care when she dies. We also gain no insight into the dirty behind-the-scene world of ballet, which is what I was looking forward to.

    I wish I had simply gone to Sadler’s Wells instead and seen the real thing.

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