5ft 5 Postgrad WLTM…

Dear Diary,

The last time I was at home I walked in on a phone conversation mum was having with a family friend that I have never met.

As I waited for mum’s attention I heard her talking about someone – me! She was explaining my more conventional educational background, not the fashion bit, and giving more bland details about me.  I was shocked to realise that my plus points were being listed like Arranged Marriage Top Trumps.  This was swiftly followed by the feeling of being shocked at my own shock as I am single so what’s the big deal?

When mum got off the phone I did my usual this-is-boring act over her insistence that it was okay to ask someone I didn’t know to find me a husband and that she would never feel relaxed or that she had fulfilled her duty as a mother until…..snore….. I know it’s childish but I told mum a million times I want to concentrate on my company just now as it needs all my attention.

Mum and I ended the conversation with a giggle and her shaking her head at my resistance but I know this scene will happen all over again the next time I go home.

Drop the curtain, actors take a bow.


2 Comments to “5ft 5 Postgrad WLTM…”

  1. Hi Bubbly,

    Until you are married, your Mum will repeatedly try her hand at trying to arrange your marriage. It is programmed into them and is like a spin cycle on a washing machine, it just goes on and on!

    At least your Mum knows your plus points and can reel them off. My Mum when trying to arrange my marriage could only tell people that I could cook as this is the only thing about me she felt worthy of sharing!!!

    I hear this same conversation with a friend of mine who is an only daughter and has many struggles with her parents about marriage. She repeatedly questions why her parents cannot accept that she is happy being single. I guess for mother’s of our parents’ generation, happiness can only be experienced when married. Her mum always says, “no boy wants a girl who goes out clubbing and drinking all the time”. My friend is a successful professional and her clubbing and drinking days are probably well over, however, the stigma attached with Asian single women is still there.

    I am pleased you can have a giggle with your Mum, as this is a really stressful time for many single people and the pressure of getting married is really intense and can cause strains in parent/child relationships.

    Just out of nosiness – has she found you someone that could even be a potential???


  2. Hi Bunty,

    Well, I’ve actually never been introduced to a potential suitor which is fine by me. My mum is pretty cool about it just now, we joke around as soon as the conversation starts – often with me telling her I can’t discuss these things without my lawyer – my sister!


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