Women Who Run With The Wolves

One of my best friends gave me this wonderful book by Clarissa Pinkola- Estes and it is a book that I dip in an out of every year.

Self help would be an unjust description of Women Who Run With The Wolves but that’s where you’ll find it in the bookshops.  The objective of the book is to reaffirm the trust relationship that a woman has with herself, her instinct, her ego and her family and her life.

The author achieves this in many ways, but my favourite is her analysis of fairy tales and folk tales have been passed down generation after generation. She shows us how similar stories have surfaced in many different cultures around the world. This book explains the background of these tales and the messages they were originally meant to convey as guidance tools for women.

The book really does help to improve my creativity and deal with my emotions when I need it.  My copy of the book features a recommendation from Maya Angelou and she’s not wrong!


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