International Women’s Day Centenary

Tuesday, 8 March marks the global centenary of International Women’s Day.

Until this year I have never bothered doing anything for International Women’s Day as I thought it was celebrated merely as part of global politics and never achieved anything significant. Last year, however, there was a reawakening of the feminist within me and my sis and since then we have both actively tried to get involved in progressive changes for the equality of women. We come from a long line of strong, independent, intelligent, witty, charismatic and wild women and we are determined not to break that line.

I guess the day could act as a performance review of the years that have passed and to set the goals for the future, however there is still such a long way to go. Perhaps it could act as a recognition day for how hard women have worked and campaigned to normalise many of the rights, privileges and cultural norms that we take for granted.  In the last 100 years women have fought for our right to vote, own property, be in charge of our own finances, to drive a car and even to wear trousers!  And yet, as ridiculous as that list seems to us, the sad fact is that around the world, and perhaps even in our own families, women still struggle to achieve even this.


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