The Women’s Room

Last year I happened to click on a programme about feminists on BBC iPlayer and it changed my life!  I phoned every woman I knew with a wild sense of enthusiasm and urged them to watch it before it was removed from the website.

The documentary featured interviews with leading feminists from around the world, many of whom were now in their 70s. This was the first time I had heard of Marilyn French, author of The Women’s Room.

The book is semi-autobiographical and charts the life of the main character, a middle-class white American woman from high school to married life and beyond. It deals with the everyday life of real women from an older generation but I would make the case that it is no different from the lives many women today, regardless of their background. Family life in many of our cultures still has shocking ideals of the 50s and even older more backward times.

The Women’s Room has made me a more appreciative, stronger and focussed woman .. read it now!


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