Goldilocks and Her New Hair

Just a quickie about the most wonderful new hairbrush in the world – the Tangle Teezer.

All right, it’s not new for all you Dragon’s Den fans but it is for me.

My hair hates the water in London and the turbulent windy weather on the underground turns it into one big knotted nest by the evening.  The Tangle Teezer is amazing and has dramatically reduced the time it takes to brush my hair and the amount of hair that falls out.  The brush was recommended to me by my cousin and I’m simply passing the tip on.

Not too hard and not too soft, it’s juuust right!


4 Comments to “Goldilocks and Her New Hair”

  1. I totally agree with you on this item – I had spent ages looking for this hair brush for my daughter and can confirm that it is the one item we both agree makes a difference to the day – there is nothing worse than a yelping child whilst you are trying to comb the nots and other items out of their hair – using this brush – the home is a quieter, more respectable space in the mornings! Since then so many of her friends have bought them too – and they all have lovely, shiny, healthy looking hair (now I sound like an advert!)

  2. I love this brush. I also have the travel-sized version too which comes with a handy lid so you can throw it in your handbag.

    My mum recently had her hair back-combed to death for a wedding and I managed to brush all of it out with minimal hair loss and without any pain. Hurrah for Tangle Teezer!

    Try Hamleys – they sell the brush in every colour you could possible desire.

  3. Thumbs Up from me too. Like Bhabhiji, I searched for a brush for my daughter that made combing hair hassle free. Tangle Teezer did it. Last week, I lost the brush and my poor daughter has had to experience a horrible comb through her hair. I bought my new Tangle Teezer today. Boots stock them.

  4. Adore the tangle teezer. My young daughter has long (she wants hair as long as rupunzel and refuses a haircut…oh dear) curly hair and the tangle teezer is perfect. She has a lovely pink and yellow one shaped like a flower in a pot….very cute for a little girl.

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