Lipstick Loving Feminists

As International Women’s Week come to an end, a question that we at The Chatterjis are left with, is, what is feminism today?

We are lipstick loving, high heels wearing feminists. We want to wax our bikini lines and wear the trousers. And why can’t we?

The other day, I (Bunty) was asked why I wasn’t wearing a sari at an International Women’s Week event at Nehru Centre. The man in question said that if we want all the hype around Women’s Week we should at least dress like a woman. Of course, I was wearing a pair of trousers!! I was stunned by this very sexist comment.

Later in the day, a woman was telling a story of how she was taken aback by this very beautiful lady in a shop and she asked her husband if she could talk to the lady. I was stunned further. Why did she need her husband’s permission to talk to someone?

So how far have we gone as women? In one day I experienced sexism from an Indian male and witnessed self oppression from an Indian female. What astounded me was that both people felt that these were very acceptable things to say.

Please tell us what feminism means to you and what International Women’s Week events you went to.

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Bunty and Bubbly

2 Comments to “Lipstick Loving Feminists”

  1. As I believe you say in Britain, bollocks! There’s sexism and stupidity everywhere. Just laugh at them every time as if they’d just said something really funny. Because they did!

    Here in the US most people are more PC, scared to offend publicly, but sexism is everywhere still.

  2. Love the article, I am a lipBALM-loving feminist.

    My Mamoo (maternal uncle) instilled in me from a very early age that I needed to be financially independent from my husband. It frightened him to think that his daughters or nieces would feel obliged to stay with a man as they were financially dependent on him. He hoped we would all have happy marriages, but if not, then we needed to ensure that we were able to look after ourselves. That way, we would only stay with our husbands if we love and respect him, which is the way it should be.

    Feminism to me means financial independence.

    Day-to-day, I do not do more than my fair share of housework, I don’t laugh at men’s jokes if they are not funny (in that 1950s way) and I do not entertain conversations that try to excuse bad behaviour with “men are different”. Finally, I appreciate that men are not the enemy!

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