Heroic Deeds

Have you ever wondered what lengths your love would go to for you?

I have just recently completed watching the BBC Human Planet series with my husband, which incidentally was absolutely fantastic. The particular episode I refer to was on Jungles. It showed various tribes across the planet and how they lived in Jungles.

The programme followed the Bayaka Tribe in Central Africa Republic and showed a tribesman climb a forty metre tree surrounded by swarms of bees in search for honey, a much sought after nutrition.

My husband and I watched this heroic deed in amazement as this man risked his life, reached the top of tree, found a hive, put his bare hands into the hive with the bees attacking him and delivered honey to wife and children below who sat savouring the honey. His wife said “My husband loves me so much he will get honey for me”.

It did make me momentarily wonder what lengths my husband would go to for me? He must have been reading my mind, as his response was “I wouldn’t do that. He could die. That is crazy”. Meatloaf must have been ringing in our ears with “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that”!

Well, for this tribesman, you cannot buy chocolates and flowers at the petrol station, or a valentines card from the local supermarket. This honey must be worth a million roses. It is the only form of romance he knows.

I remember when I first met my husband, he wooed me by bringing me a flask of tea and cake at work. I was such a cheap date!!! But hell, I thought it was romantic and I am glad he is still alive.


One Comment to “Heroic Deeds”

  1. Hi Bunty,

    My Greek ex is a civil engineer and told me he would build me a house in Greece but when I went to the Taj Mahal for the first time (the real one, not the local Indian restaurant) I couldn’t help but think that he didn’t love me THAT much!

    I don’t think anything could beat the Taj so a flask of tea and cake is probably alright.


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