Pepper On Everything!

As I post this entry it’s coming up for lunch time so I thought I would torture some of you!

The veggies amongst us can salivate over the paneer…mmm

I wanted to let you know of a fab Indian restaurant in London called Bangalore Express. My sis and I regularly go to the one in Waterloo for spicy fish and chips. Yes, even this comes in a pepper version now and it is perfect. A really generous portion, the paprika and other spices really jazz up the traditional English dish.

The interior design is spacious and contemporary with separate and shared seating available.  At lunch times there is an offer to have a glass of wine or dessert free, not bad!

I don’t remember seeing fruit chaat on the menu which is just as well as I seriously draw the line on that one, gross.


5 Comments to “Pepper On Everything!”

  1. Hey Bubbly,
    Can’t wait to go there. Sounds like it was created by Goodness Gracious Me.

  2. sounds like my kind of place!

  3. I’ve recenlty started adding a fresh chilli to my pasta sauce … it’s a slippery slope!

  4. thanks for the tip, will check it out.

  5. I put chilli sauce on a risotto yesterday. I am addicted to the taste of Encona! It’s going on fish pie…..

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