Indian Summer

This wonderful book by Alex Von Tunzelmann documents the end of the British Empire and the creation of an independent India and Pakistan from the perspectives of the key figures who changed our history: the Mountbattens, Nehru, Gandhi and Jinnah.

Although the book is about a serious topic Alex makes the subject a thoroughly enjoyable read.  The author manages to capture the emotions, attitudes and motivations of each perspective from her thorough research and unbiased understanding. The book is witty, tender and full of information about the empire and subsequent partition that is both enlightening and painful to read.

Who among us does not know stories of atrocities, bravery, heart break and empathy recounted by tearful grandparents?  My grandparents were not of the political elite that forged independence they were simply caught up in the numbers and collateral damage as they resided on the wrong side of the new border.

In our childhood my sister and I often discussed and debated the subject of partition with our mother and this book helped to develop my understanding of my own history a lot better.



3 Responses to “Indian Summer”

  1. isn’t this book being made into a film?

  2. Wow I hope this book is made into a film. It is an excellent read and has all the elements that would make a fantastic film. The author has an amazing way of writing so that you feel you are reading an incredible story that also happens to be an accurate account of historical events that took place at the time of partition. She is clear on the facts and weaves them into colourful and glamorous characters.


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