Perfect Gift

It was my husband’s birthday the other day and I am really bad at buying him presents. Predominantly because I try an buy him clothes and they are always too small. I think I am indirectly trying to tell him to lose weight!!

Buying birthday gifts can be really difficult sometimes and what do you buy when you don’t really need anything and you are buying gifts for the sake of it.  Well Oxfam has the answer!!

I bought my husband a contribution gift of solar panels to families in Bangladesh. It was the best money spent an his response perfect. “It was a lovely present” he said, “it has really made me feel good”.

The feel good factor of receiving a gift that is doing something good for others is wonderful. There are lots of these gifts at Oxfam ranging in price and also in types of contribution from planting trees, to clean water to buying an animal.

Thank you Oxfam. Great gift idea! Happy Husband!!!


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