Bring it Back

I would like to continue a list started in twitter, here on this forum.

The tweet asked if I could, I would bring back…..

This really made me think if there is anything I would bring back. Here is my list of ten things in no particular order.

  • My figure before I had children
  • Lower fuel prices
  • Disco music
  • Nargis and Raj Kapoor
  • My uni days
  • Living at my gran’s
  • My blue Sticky Fingers jacket that I lost on the tube
  • My love for blue cheese – I have gone off it recently
  • Cheaper house prices
  • Chanel deep red lipstick discontinued years ago – Bring it back!!

What would you bring back if you could?


5 Comments to “Bring it Back”

  1. Hi Bunty,

    Great list, here’s what I would bring back:

    1. I wish I could bring myself back to the 70s so I could marry Shashi Kapoor
    2. The original Gio by Giorgio Armani
    3. Love Bite lip liner by Benefit, why do they discontinue things?

    Don’t think I can stretch to 10 things, will think about it and continue later!


  2. Bring these back:

    The Cosby Show
    Marilyn Monroe

  3. Shashi Kapoor!!! He’s the reason Amitabh dies in Deewar – he should never EVER be forgiven for that!

  4. Shashi looks so yummy in a uniform! How could you not forgive those curly eyelashes?

  5. I’d like to bring back Spitting Image, so witty!

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