Bakery with a bar!

What a combination!  This is the genius of the most amazing Italian bakery in the world – Princi.

Tucked away in the middle of Wardour Street, Soho, is a bakery that’s open 7am til Midnight 6 days a week.  A real treat for the senses, not only is everything reasonably priced the relaxed friendly environment is very welcoming.  Try and hog a window seat if you can as people watching in Soho is so interesting.

This is the only branch of the bakery outside Milan so leave your diet at home and indulge in delicious Italy without the possibility of Berlusconi perving on you!


2 Comments to “Bakery with a bar!”

  1. I love this place! It is fabulous on Friday nights but it can get really busy and the window seats are definitely the best ones to get. The cannoli is to die for and I love saying to the person going to the bar .. DON’T FORGET THE CANNOLI godfather style!

  2. don’t you like sleazy old men? he seems irresistable to some…shudder!

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