Don’t Leave Me Mum

Dear Diary,

My youngest of two girls started her settling in week at nursery last week and WOW! I don’t remember this anxiety and fear when my eldest daughter went to nursery.

In fact I was rather pleased to give myself a break. However, with my youngest, I have been working since she was two months old and feel like I have hardly spent any time with her. I cannot believe that the time has really come that for her to enter nursery. I worry about how she is going to cope, how I am going to cope without my parents, how quickly she is growing up and so on…

My eldest daughter was a lot more developed at the same age and was more able in unfamiliar environments, so my fears for her were different.

My youngest, has surprised me. She has really enjoyed nursery and settled in extremely well over the first two days and then went downhill. She screams when we leave her and this morning, her screaming just left me in tears. All I could hear her crying was “Don’t leave me Mum”. I wanted to take her back home and was really quite anxious that the nursery would say no to her. However, once I had left, she settled very quickly and enjoyed the rest of the day.

I am sure many Mums go these anxieties when returning back to work whether it is with your first or second child. It is really difficult to hand over the care of your child to someone else.

Panic over…. I feel a lot better and she will start nursery next week.


One Comment to “Don’t Leave Me Mum”

  1. Hi Bunty,

    I’m the younger of two sisters and when I was little my mum had to sit through nursery with me the entire time. I am not clingy to her and don’t remember being so clingy as a child but my mum said I just wouldn’t settle, that I would enjoy myself and play etc but kept one eye on her the entire time so she couldn’t leave.

    Kids are so funny though, my niece told me and her mum that she doesn’t have any friends in nursery but she has loads and really enjoys it!


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