I have a quick confession…I am currently addicted to caramel shortbread.  I have recently had the pleasure of tasting so much of it that the sugar rush has me hooked.  Just look at the temptation:

No wonder I couldn’t resist!  Becasue they’ve been cut into small squares they don’t seem so bad.  Since there is no hope for rehabilitation, I’ll tell you that my personal favourites are Thorntons Mini Caramel Squares and Waitrose Millionaire Shortbread with a dark chocolate topping, perfect with a cup of tea.

My stocks are low, must dash to get some more – by the way Waitrose sells both versions so there’s no need to burn calories going to two shops!


5 Comments to “Obsession”

  1. And if you’re stuck… you can just eat a twix!

  2. I’m currently obsessed with macarons – they are ADDICTIVE and unfortunately, because they are light, they feel low fat but I know that they are not. My whole day is rewards-based. If I do this, I get a macaron. If I do that, I get a macaron. Currently I reward myself with one if I skip breakfast. I know that’s not good, mum!

  3. they look too good

  4. I can’t stop eating Nutella with a spoon from the jar!!

  5. Like your idea of a treats based system, Vakeel Bibi! That shoudl help the waist line unless getting out of bed counts as an achievement tick for one macaron!

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