Nation of Home Owners

Britain was once a nation of shop keepers. She is now a nation of home owners. The British people have gone from sellers to buyers within 100 years.

I was listening to George Osborne today with his budget announcements and wondered what would happen if the £10k he was going to loan first time buyers was actually put into strengthening manufacturing and technology in Britain. Surely this would create jobs which would mean people would have disposable income and could spend.

Could this be an alternative sustainable growth strategy that is not focussed on stimulating a housing market to an extent that people cannot afford to live in their communities. It is not all down to Mr Osborne. As a nation, the British people are conditioned from birth to own a house. By leaving this market to fend for itself would not sit well with the ideology of being British.

Our European neighbours are not as keen on owning property as they are spending a good income. Germany’s property prices have barely risen in 50 years. They are seen as homes that need to be maintained and affordable to equip people with an excellent quality of life.

I don’t know how to change this cultural thought, but I do know that the priority should be in creating jobs so that people can afford to buy the houses.


3 Comments to “Nation of Home Owners”

  1. Bunty i agree with you. The budget should be more focused on creating jobs. There isnt a ‘need’ to own a home but we do need jobs for the high number of unemployed.

  2. And we need more help for small businesses, same point as the others, but why are the banks still allowed to do as they please when some are owned by us.

  3. Because all the grey suits that run the banks all went to the same school/club/university as the Tories.

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