Dealing with Diabetes

Dear Diary,

I was astounded to read that a new bride was being coerced into eating Indian sweets by her mother-in-law even though she is Diabetic.

I am hoping that this is not purposeful bullying and cruelty but sheer ignorance to the extent of damage that can be caused to a life.

Diabetes is the 5th leading cause of mortality in the world and South Asians are 6 times more likely to be diagnosed with it than other races. This is a really dangerous illness.

This has really taken me by surprise as I didn’t realise there was any shame to having an illness. Do people talk and judge you if you refuse sweets because your body cannot tolerate them?

Knowing someone who has been seriously affected by not understanding the long-term impacts of Diabetes, I am really proud that this bride hasn’t succumbed to these coercions as it is really easy to say “It’s only one” and eat that sweet.


3 Comments to “Dealing with Diabetes”

  1. Surely there must be alternatives to Indian sweets? I’m sure sugar-free versions also exist. I’m not a huge barfi fan but sometimes it’s the only thing that hits the spot.


  2. Surely there must be. But a culture so attuned with tradition cannot seem to break these and introduce other possibilities. Regardless of options, how can a mother-in-law feel justified to put someone’s health at risk? This is really awful.

  3. Well that does not shock me at all, all these older generation grannies are still worried about what ‘society’ will think. Diabetes in the asian community is seen as an illness, people aren’t educated enough to see that it is a way of life and a condition that can be well managed. Good for the new bride I hope she stands up for herself and sticks to her guns!

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