Enter The Dragon

You cannot beat a Chanel nail varnish – I know everyone knows about them but have youever thought that it is an EXCELLENT gift for a girlfriend/cousin/sister?

The best reds are Dragon (obviously doesn’t have the same mother-in-law connotations in France!), Lotus Rouge and Rouge Fatal.  Pink your colour? Try Pulsion.

If you are rock chick for a Sat night – try Black Pearl (I was given this as part of my birthday present from my cousin) or Paradoxal but please keep your nails short for rock chick not Hallowe’en witch.

My sister’s favourite is Miami Peach which is a sparkly coral – very cute.

My favourite is, alas, no longer in production – it was a red called Fire.  Apparently you can still find it in European duty free shops so look out for it.

About £17 from Selfridges but all good quality department stores have a Chanel counter.


4 Comments to “Enter The Dragon”

  1. I’ve never been one for coral polishes but Miami Peach is really lovely… might have to make a trip to a department store today & try it out!

  2. I got Miami Peach as a gift from one of my girlfriends and I love it!

  3. My all time favourite is ‘Lotus Rouge’ which I believe has also been discontinued……im not impressed Chanel…bring it back!

  4. ever noticed, usually our favourites end up being discontinued!

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