Momo: Moroccon Gem Still Rocks

Looking for somewhere to go on a Saturday night in London. I revisited Heddon Street, W1, the other day to discover a number of new eateries and bars that are hidden in this little treasure trove of a cul de sac. But for me the restaurant that I once loved and frequented is still there, Momos.

This Moroccon gem is great fun especially in a group. It caters for everything, afternoon tea, drinks, food and even live entertainment. For those who want it, you can sit outside a smoke a shisha.

The food is decent not orgasmic but then it doesn’t claim to be a michelin star restaurant. However, I think there grilled meats are fantastic accompanied by a lovely vegetable tagine.

Have fun.


2 Comments to “Momo: Moroccon Gem Still Rocks”

  1. Will have to check it out, hope they play some good Tarkan music

    kiss kiss…

  2. I’ve never heard of this place. It’s always good to know relaible places to eat in central London, where there are so many awful chains about…

    I will definitely give this a try!

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