Robot Home-Help Missing Reward Given

I remember in the 80s we were promised the invention of robot servants who would go around hoovering (dysoning now!) and dusting for us, bringing us cocktails while we sat back and enjoyed life. What happened to them, I still want one?

Our world has seen such rapid technology development since the 80s so why have the robots not been developed and tested further? Is it because women do the housework any way so there is no pressing need for robot maids? I make this loaded statement as it is still mostly true.

As Marilyn French (author of The Women’s Room) said, either women do the housework or we pay another woman to do it for us.  In her book she hailed the invention of the washing machine in the 50s and how it liberated women’s lives.  I imagine vacuums and dishwashers provided a similarly liberating job in reducing the amount of time taken to do housework but women still loaded the machines and vacuumed – the job was still theirs, it just took a less time to do it.

A Radio 4 programme, From Our Own Correspondent, recently told the quaint story of a Chinese man who invented a robot masseuse that gives a shoulder massage described as being clunky looking but good.  As gramophones developed into iPods and computers that once filled whole rooms now sit nicely on our laps, why are robot maids still big and clunky?

Still, as long as it doesn’t make more work for itself knocking things over by being clunky, I don’t need my robot to look good so come on inventors get back to the developing board and make it a butler not a maid – I want my own Jeeves so I can be as dizzy as Wooster.


4 Comments to “Robot Home-Help Missing Reward Given”

  1. I want a Butler…. Not sure I want a robot though. You have to go through the hell of programming them. At least with another human you can have a conversation. We have a cleaner and I do love our chatter over over a cuppa.

  2. Mary Poppins would do, she was a good cleaner

  3. lol! Bubbly im still waiting for the day that i can go buy a teletransporter just like one from Star Treck! Think i might be waiting an awful long time.

  4. Hi Twinking Starr

    Yes a teletransporter would be fantastic. Do you think the companies wouldn’t let us materialise on the other side unless we made a purchase at a virtual duty free first?!


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