Multicultural Britain Has a Muslim Miss Universe Finalist

Lancashire born Shanna Bhukari, could be the first British female to win Miss Universe after receiving the most public votes in last weeks semi-finals.

The fact that she is Muslim has caused a furore of hate mail and death threats amongst many quarters ranging from Muslim groups saying that she is denigrating the name of Islam, white supremacists saying that an Asian cannot represent the UK and even feminist groups who are against beauty pageants all together.

Now, I may not be a great fan of beauty pageants and everything associated with them, however, I am a believer that if you want to parade your body in these pageants for men to score you, then it is your choice. It’s not for me, but it may be for you.

The Muslim response does not really surprise me as I cannot see them condoning scantily dress Muslim girls. However, a British born Muslim has every right to enter a competition and represent her country.  To those white supremacists, do they disagree with being treated by an Asian doctor to save their life. Maybe one day soon, their country will be run by an Asian. We never thought a black man would be President of the USA….

I think it is great that an Asian might win Miss Universe for Britain and that an Asian female will be the visual representation for Britain. That’s multiculturalism for you.


7 Comments to “Multicultural Britain Has a Muslim Miss Universe Finalist”

  1. I think it’s great when Britain supports pretty Asian women, we are all British then but not when British muslim men are put in Guantanamo or tortured by third parties.

    I think British Asian women get different treatment by the press than British Asian Men. I’m not sure if it’s true as I haven’t researched it but Amir Khan, the boxer, regularly complained that the British press didn’t give him enough credit/coverage and he is someone who actually has achieved things (I’m not into boxing).


  2. I hate to be pedantic, but she cannot be a muslim if she participates in this pageant.

  3. This woman cannot claim to be a Muslim simply by being born to Muslim parents and having an Islamic name. Being a Muslim is a way of life, not simply tagging “God” as “Allah” instead – it states certain rules that you must live your life by – including things like what you can eat/drink, how to wash yourself and to pray in Arabic five times a day. Does this stupid beautiful creature face Mecca five times a day?

    Islam preaches extreme modesty, for men and women, and parading yourself in scantily clad swimwear etc is therefore perfectly acceptable behaviour but you cannot pretend to be a Muslim in your nipple-caressing bikini.

    Islam does not have an Anglican Church sect whereby “anything goes” and you can pick and choose which bits you like and don’t like – I wish it did, but it doesn’t.

    Beauty pageants are degrading to women – Asian women especially have to constantly deal with “oh she’s so pretty” rather than anything to do with our brains. The reason why more and more women from ethnic backgrounds are representing UK in these shows is that beautiful English women are of a different ilk – the stunning beauties you see in London wouldn’t be seen dead in a stupid show like this. However it does not carry the same “loser” type stigma in our communities as bollywood stars often begin their careers entering these things, and you even have female doctors participating in them.

  4. I would agree that a disproportionate number of my asian friends, male and female, completely love themselves and think they could be models/bollywood stars even though they don’t even reach 5 8′ never mind 6ft.

    On the one hand it’s great to have confidence in your looks but it is also pathetiic to be so vain.

    Did anyone even hear of this woman until she became a finalist? We only have her word for it that muslims are giving her death threats, she certainly got a lot of publicity for the story.

  5. It is difficult to define what being a Muslim means in a contemporary context but I would have to agree that if you openly describe yourself as a Muslim then surely you must prepare yourself for the wrath of your fellow followers.

    Also if you have a public profile you have to consider that there will be people who like/dislike you and both sides are entitled to their opinions.

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