Name and Shame

Just a quickie to draw your attention to a growing number of High Street chains who are selling/used to sell padded bikinis for children!

Yes, it’s true, gross and inappropriate as it is, Primark was forced to withdraw its range last year, but for those still looking to sexualise their young daughters (around the 8 year old bracket) there is still Matalan and now Abercrombie to buy from.  Matalan are apparently reviewing their product range but I don’t think they should have made them in the first place.


5 Comments to “Name and Shame”

  1. Am I being prudish when I think that girls should not be in bikinis at all – padded or otherwise? I would rather my little nieces ran around naked than for them to think they need to hide their boobs”

  2. I agree. A bikini for a child should not exist. I can not understand the purpose. From a health point of view apart from being covered in factor 50 from head to toe, they should have reasonable clothing.

  3. what are these companies thinking? and more, the parents – have any parents actually bought them?

  4. Bikinis for children is a NO NO!! Padded bikinis for children is a NO NO NO and more NOs. Are they kidding? Who buys this stuff anyway? Irresponsible parents!!! who knows where this leads to….
    Should we not be protecting our children and not exposing their sexuality.

  5. What is the need for kids to be wearing padded bikinis. Where is the market for this, Forget the market, but why cant we let kids remain kids!

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