Rich Tea or Custard Cream?

So Prince William and I have something in common we are fans of Rich Tea biscuits.  My sister and cousins are all Custard Creamers…what are you?  Let’s not forget jammy dodgers, bourbons, pink wafers and party rings! I like iced gems too…and…and…and…


8 Responses to “Rich Tea or Custard Cream?”

  1. Rich tea is a granny biscuit.

  2. I heart party rings !

  3. It would have to be a jaffacake for me. It’s an all time classic.

  4. yes, I would have to agree with both the jaffacakes and the granny rich tea biscuits but I’d have to vote for custard creams.

  5. My mother in law loves her Rich Tea and she is a granny!!

    Chocolate Bourbons for me. Love them!!!

  6. Has to be custard creams, think i should have some in the kitchen cupboard! No to jaffacakes Rich tea is grannyish only once in a while

  7. Rich Tea Light is nice too, much less sugar for all us young grans out there…maybe I’m an old woman trapped in a young woman’s body!


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