Brain Soup

No, this isn’t a grisly recipe from The Chatterjis kitchen but about cell phone radiation.

A new study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that keeping your mobile near your head when you sleep could alter brain activity.

While it is still unclear what the long term affects of this alteration is, it has been recommended that we keep our mobiles as far away as possible from any part of our bodies in general. You can read more here for the detail but a summary of the advice in addition to the above is:

Don’t make calls if there is hardly any reception as your phone has to emit more radiation to find a signal – eek!

Don’t make calls from inside nightclubs or other noisy places as you have to press the phone closer to your ear which is bad.

Don’t keep the phone in your pocket but in a bag so it keeps slightly away from you.

Many mobiles emit the most radiation when trying to connect the call so don’t put the phone to your ear until the connection has been made.

Try to use hands-free speaker phone.

Switch mobile off when traveling (car/train) as the phone has to repeatedly emit radiation to pick up signal from different locations.

Don’t let children play with your mobile even to keep them busy on a trip etc. as their developing brains and tissues are considered very vulnerable to cellphone radiation. Apparently health authorities in Britain, France, Germany and Russia have all issued warnings against allowing small children to use mobiles for extended periods, if at all.

I didn’t know about the last point and frequently speak to my nieces and baby nephews through mobiles and let them play with mine – that is going to stop as of now!

The scary thing is that we love mobiles but have no idea what they’re doing to us and we are all a part of a live test group as to the consequences.  We’ll keep bringing you mobile news so you know what you need to know!


3 Comments to “Brain Soup”

  1. Ooh this is frightening. My kids watch peppa pig on the phone during car journeys and play with them all the time. We have really poor reception in our house – we must be radioactive already!

    Apparently, you can be exposed to more radiation flying from London to America than drinking the tap water in Fukushima – I heard this from an expert on Radio 4. Is this true?

    I wonder if like cancer, we are all frightened by the word radiation and do not know what it really means and the long terms effects of it.

    Great post though Bubbly, thanks for warning us all.

  2. The long term effects of radiation are documented very well, exhibit A: Chernobyl.

    I don’t think we can imagine a world without mobiles so I guess we just have to learn how to use them and come to terms with the possibility of seeing men with handbags.

  3. I love seeing men with handbags! I was in a club the other day and there was this lovely guy with a Birkin !

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