Scandalous 60 Seconds No.3


A woman from the USA is suing her doctor as she hasn’t been able to close her eyes since a 2005 plastic surgery op. Why on earth she is suing after all these years is unclear. Read the story here.

Serial Killer Whale

I’m afraid we’re back to the US for this story too. SeaWorld claims that a whale that had been retired is back in showbiz after he chose to perform again. The whale is responsible for three deaths although one involved a man who stripped naked and jumped into the whale’s tank so maybe he was a bit responsible for his own death.

How exactly does SeaWorld ascertain consent from an animal? Two claps: yes? Read the story here.

Dum Maro Dumb

The original hippy chick Zeenat Aman is unimpresed with the re-working of Dum Maro Dum for some new movie. Go Zeen you’re the best! Read the story here.


7 Responses to “Scandalous 60 Seconds No.3”

  1. Only in America!!!
    Great stories – again Bubbly.


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