Victorian Glam

That is how good it looks and this is what it is: the cafe at the Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington.  After a lengthy restoration period, this gem was revealed and it is worth a visit as much as the rest of the museum (it’s my fave in London).

Whether you’re after Sunday dinner, afternoon tea with fresh scones and jam or a glass of wine with friends on a lazy afternoon this cafe is perfect.  For Summer the museum open the square beside the cafe for al fresco lounging.

It is open late on Fridays and is child friendly too.


3 Comments to “Victorian Glam”

  1. My all time favourite museum. I cannot wait to take the children and meander one Friday afternoon.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love meeting friends in this cafe – it’s very cheap and glam. I wish it stayed open late into the eve.

    I aranged a date there once however and I could tell the guy was a little bored and was not as impressed with the chandeliers as I was – what a loser!

  3. omg i love this place every time i’m in london i make time for it!

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