Things We Take For Granted

Ah, pasteurised milk…who ever cared one second about it as we go about our daily lives?

I draw attention to it as I am currently suffering from a severe infection most likely from unpasteurised milk.  In India fresh milk has officially been pasteurised but no one trusts the process and so households always boil the milk again before consuming.  But I messed up…

It was such a quick slip up but one that the bacteria attacked me with and it is really quite unpleasant.

Who would have thought little old milk would have grounded me?


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One Comment to “Things We Take For Granted”

  1. Bubbly, This sounds awful. I am pleased that you are better now.
    What a shame that the nation doesn’t trust the supply of pasteurised milk. I think this says a lot about the faith of the people in their government and country. There would be out roar in England if we this happened. How lucky we are.

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