With This Ring, I Thee Wed

When Prince William announced that he wouldn’t be wearing his wedding ring after he got married, at first I thought who cares. But then, I began to wonder why women are so obsessed with wedding rings and why men couldn’t care less.

As women, wedding ring shopping is an event. We want the perfect stone that looks good on our hands. Some like big rocks and others prefer smaller dainty stones but whatever your style, you still want to wear your wedding rings.

Men on the other hand have a different association with wedding rings. There’s is a simpler band and nobody asks them “let’s see your ring”. There was a recent trend for men to wear their wedding rings but I am now wondering whether this trend is over and maybe they no longer want to be visibly seen as being married. Does this mean they want to be seen as available? Is there a need to be concerned when a man refuses to wear his wedding ring?

My husband wears his wedding ring and loves everyone knowing he is married. However, I wonder how many are like him. My Dad on the other hand has never worn his ring because he believes jewellery is for women and he doesn’t need to wear a ring. It has never bothered my mum.

Would it bother me? Not sure. However, we did take wows “With this ring, I thee wed”, so I am pleased that my husband has decided to keep this ring on.


3 Comments to “With This Ring, I Thee Wed”

  1. I think it’s probably a personal choice and like you said your husband likes wearing his ring. Hardly any of the married couples in my family wear rings. In Islam there isn’t really a concept of a wedding ring, people do wear them I guess out of fashion. As an unmarried woman, I currently don’t mind the idea of wearing a ring to signify my marital status but this might change when the time comes as it really is no one else’s business.

    In India many women wear their marriage necklace and a lot of thought goes into getting the perfect one.

    These things are all pretty etc but I think people can get a bit superstitious/obsessive with the jewellery.

  2. I think I will probably wear a ring but not always … my friend Paul doesn’t wear his wedding band and says that when he does pop it on then he gets much more attention from women in bars! He’s probably exaggerating but I don’t care about the ring thing .. wear it don’t wear it, but please don’t be pale skinned and wear hideous 9 carat gold eek! NINE carats, my mother would be mortified heh heh

  3. In England, Indian women buy both rings and necklaces. The necklace is not worn all the time but the rings are. I don’t wear my wedding rings at the moment, only because they are causing a reaction to my skin. However, I recall when I took them off a couple of time, my husband was really offended and commented on it.

    Nothing but 22 carat Vakeel Bibi!!!

    I have to say, ring shopping is so much fun. My husband would howl at the prices of rings. My brother on the other hand justified his cost on a sales a pitch given my the sales rep re: clarity and cut etc….

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