Boob Tube

We probably own dozens of them in all different colours and styles but most women are still unfortunately wearing the wrong bra size.

I recently changed bra size at the advice of my sister. She got re-measured last year by the lovely staff at John Lewis (only one of them not generally!) and was delighted with the resulting new fit and new look.  I have to say I am much happier in my new size too.

Apparently around 80% of us wear the wrong size and most of us never change size after our very first fitting.  For larger breasted women, problems of wearing the wrong bra can lead to chronic headaches, back and neck pain.

Thing is bras are expensive and of you’re into matching knickers it’s even more expensive but the change, if necessary, will be worth it.  You should have a better posture, decrease sagging effects and look more in proportion over all.

8 Comments to “Boob Tube”

  1. I regularly go to Bravissimo to get fitted (Apparently boob sizes change especially once you have children) Until then, my mum had given me a bra when I started my period and that was what I thought my size was for a long time. It seemed to fit ok….

    I heard a news piece on BBC Asian Network some time ago about how Asian women do not go to get a bra fitted because they are embarrassed and do not want to talk about this with a stranger. Many Asian womens experience of wearing a bra and what size they are is passed down from their mother. My mum never encouraged me to get fitted so I wasn’t aware until my 20s that this is what you did.

    I love this article Bubbly. I never realised the importance of a good bra until I started breastfeeding. Our mothers were never educated about this. Underwired bras if not the right fit put pressure on milk ducts and can cause problems for women breastfeeding. I would suggest anyone to get regularly fitted and invest into good bras.

  2. Wow, I had the total opposite experience to what you describe above Bunty!

    My mum is mildly OBSESSED with the bra i’m wearing and whether my boobs are in the right place! Even in a public place, my mum will tell me if she thinks my boobs need to be “higher up” and helpfully adjust my straps!!

  3. Selfridges bra dept – where any self respecting lady should find herself at least once in her life. Leave your inhibitions on Oxford St. and allow yourself to be given the once over by one of the specialists in there. You will have the time of your life and if you’re prepared to part with a few nuggets, you can walk out of there with a perfectly fitted bra, that will give you much joy for the next few months. Apparently we’re supposed to change our bras every 6 months I read somewhere…cheeky excuse for some tasty underwear me thinks!

  4. Agree with Selfridges ! I recently got into La Perla … amazing amazing underwear! But please can someone tell me what is the big fuss about Agent Provocateur which is selling cheap polyester flammable maid’s outfits for hundreds of pounds?

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