The Chatterjis Gets 3000 Hits.

Last weekend, The Chatterjis surpassed 3000 hits in 4 weeks. Whoopie!!!

This is all thanks to you, our readers. Thank You.

Bubbly and I are overwhelmed with the support we have received for The Chatterjis. Some of you have subscribed (which is free and a very handy reminder), some of you comment (you can do this anonymously) and some you contribute with great comments.

Keep on chatting with The Chatterjis.

Bunty & Bubbly

2 Comments to “The Chatterjis Gets 3000 Hits.”

  1. Well done Chatterjis – I am a subscriber and I look forward to my daily dose with a morning cup of tea! I love the mixture of serious and fun topics and like most Asian women that I know – I have lots of opinions to share!!

  2. Thanks Vakeel Bibi, do you bill you clients for your time on the chatterjis? And do you dunk a custart cream in your cuppa?

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