Till Death Us Do Part

You can now work till you drop. Government legislation is changing retirement laws to enable people to work until they choose to leave. Whilst I am all for people working, this change in law does worry me on many accounts.

First and foremost, how are we to create jobs for young people if the old people don’t go? Secondly, employers are now faced with negotiation with their employees of their retirement – this could lead to tribunals, legal cases or just unnecessary aggravation. Thirdly, whatever happened to enjoying your old age. Why are we being encouraged to work ourselves into our graves?

I applaud those that want to carry on working but surely, at 65, if you really want to carry on working, how about community work or voluntary work? My mother-in-law doesn’t want to retire for her fear of retiring. Work is a social place for her an she doesn’t know what to do. An uncle who retired a couple of years ago, teaches English to refugees and provides maths tuition. There are things you can do if you really want to.

I would like to be able to retire before I am 65 and enjoy the latter years of my life. My Mum has been a godsend to our childcare problems, just as her Mum was for her. Maybe, one day, I can be there to enjoy my grandchildren too, if I am not too busy working!

Another crazy Big Society idea…


One Comment to “Till Death Us Do Part”

  1. I have my own business and although I am far from retirement age, I think I would like to work until I drop. One of my closest friends and mentors passed away in 2009 and he was an old man who worked til the end, even in his hospital room but he loved his work and that’s a passion that I hope to have my entire life.

    I agree that young people need a chance but I think there is a lot that older people can bring to the work place in the form of experience, skills and a calm energy as they will have been through a dozen recessions and bubbles. The average age of hand weavers of Harris Tweed is 65 and they are the ones inspiring and training the young.

    Mrs Burstein of Browns boutique on South Molton Street is 85, looking good/healthy and everyone really trusts her opinion in fashion.

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