Crispy Noodle Wig

If I don’t put a hair oil treatment on weekly, my fluffy curls turn into what resembles a crispy noodle wig.  There’s a new hair oil that I recommend that doesn’t schtink and permanently damage your sense of smell: Dabur Amla Gold.

You may have already have heard of Dabur Amla oil famously promoted on bollywood videos from the 80s but that is the ugly and smelly step-sister of my oil.  This new oil is much much better and will repair you hair to its silky soft glory whether straight or curly.

You’re not going to look so hot when it’s on so it’s not a treatment for a romantic night in but my advice is to slap it on generously before bed at least once a week.  Tip your head upside down and massage your scalp with your finger pads (not tips – too rough) and tie with a hair band into a bun.  I put a towel down on my pillow to absorb the excess.

This is important: to wash it out the next morning, massage shampoo on to your hair before wetting it as this will take more oil out.  Add a little water and build up a lather before rinsing and repeating the shampoo once more then condition as normal.

Sounds like quite a mission but it is well worth it!

Dabur Amla Gold is available in many Asian food shops but it doesn’t exist in India much to my annoyance.


6 Responses to “Crispy Noodle Wig”

  1. India seems to export its best products!
    Great for kids hair too – I just tried it.

  2. I really love this product – I have blonde bits in my hair and when I whack this on overnight, it helps to bring out a little shine and gets rid of the ginger-ness. There is nothing quite as unattractive as a ginger Asian.

  3. does this change your hair coulour!!i mean does it make it lighter or darker??

  4. It doesn’t alter the colour – just makes it look nicer and shiny.

    This product is fab – the older version of it stinks like the metropolitan tube! but this version is much more subtle

  5. I have bleached hair and I feel it takes the copper tones out, this is my experience of this oil and it’s smelly sister, Amla oil.


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