Not The News

Do our attention spans dictate the length of time dedicated to a particular news item?

Who cares about what’s happening in Christchurch now that Prince William isn’t there and Japan’s earthquake is bigger and more devastating.  Why isn’t it big news that Japan isn’t able to contain the nuclear reactors and that highly radioactive waste water is being dispersed into the sea?  Is it because we’ve not to worry as it’s perfectly safe… because… the world is flat and the radioactive waste will fall of the edge into space?

If it was okay to pump waste into the sea companies wouldn’t have been stressing about creating huge concrete storage facilities for it with specific thickness and so on.  The rules seem to be changing and this should be news just like it should be more prominent news that there was another earthquake in Japan resulting in the nuclear site being abandoned altogether.  This is going to get messy indeed.


One Comment to “Not The News”

  1. I have been following what has been happening in Japan with sheer dismay. Thank you Bubbly for writing this article. I sincerely feel that newcasters are under pressure to broadcast new stuff everyday and sadly people get bored of llistening to the same stuff. So often, I have heard people switching off saying they cannot read or hear about a particular incident again. So yes, what is news is about people’s attention span.

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