Drama Queen

Dear Diary,

My dad is addicted to Indian soaps and if allowed, he would watch the episodes and then the reruns. Since retirement, he seems to live out his life with these soaps. Apart from the news, he doesn’t watch any other channels until recently. We banned Zee TV!

My parents stay with us for half the week and the only way we can wean my dad off of the soaps to spend time more time playing with his grandchildren, is by stopping all Asian channels. Every channel seems to full of half hour soap operas that tell the same god awful story of family distrust that centres around a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

I am really surprised by my dad as he is really liberal minded and intelligent. I would have thought these soaps would have bored him rigid and expected them to be more my mum’s cup of tea. My mum cannot stand them and despises the same stories being regurgitated every half hour.

These soaps come with a price tag. They are influencing the people that watch them. Soap operas tend to be based around family issues. The stereotypical family characters that are being played out only continue to encourage poor and suspicious relationships, especially between Saas – Bahu (mother-in-law / daughter-in-law). I have heard people justify actions referring to Saas Bhi Khabi Bahu Thi.

I cannot believe these traditional prehistoric values that are depicted in the soap operas, along with the bullying, bitching and fighting, are really reflective of our families. If they are, then they need to change to create positive influences. If these characters in soap operas are seen as role models and are being emulated in society, there is an imminent need to provide positive role models that positively progress society and family.


We all know that the power of television is phenomenal. It can be used to deliver strong messages, influence nations and provide invaluable information. Last year alone, in England, we saw how television brought alive the prime ministerial elections and had a part to play in the historic formation of a coalition government.

Imagine what an Indian soap opera where the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was fantastic could do!



2 Comments to “Drama Queen”

  1. Well American soap operas tend to regurgitate the stories of cheating spouses and dying by falling down elevator shafts, so at least that sounds a bit more relevant.

  2. Hi Bunty,

    Great post, very interesting. I think many people are hooked and watch them for various reasons but I do find them particularly terrible. My mum watches them as do most of the oldies in my family. My mum agrees that they promote negative female relationships – that women are not to be trusted and every one is after your husband, even your sister.

    I was discussing this very briefly with my friends the other day and we would like to propose a new drama: Kyunke Saas Kabhi Bahoo Nahin Bani!!


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