Brazilian Blow-dry Can Leave You Bald

The reported levels of formaldehyde have reached 50 times EU limits. Used in the textile industry for straightening wool and a key ingredient in embalming fluid, it is the main ingredient in Keratin based hair straightening product, otherwise known as the Brazilian Blowdry.

Recently, I was asked whether I wanted a Brazilian Blowdry to maintain the frizz that presides over my thick insane hair. I was told that it was non toxic  and all natural products. A few days later, I heard that 200 women in the US were taking makers of Brazilian Blowout to court over the side effects from the blowdry treatment. These include headaches, nausea, stinging eyes and sore throats. It is reported that formaldehyde can damage hair growth to the extent that hair will fall out but not be replaced.

As much as I would like straight very manageable hair, I do want hair and happy to use good old fashioned straightening irons. However, if  you are going to go for a Brazilian Blowdry, ask to read the packaging. It shouldn’t contain more than 0.2% formaldehyde.



3 Comments to “Brazilian Blow-dry Can Leave You Bald”

  1. HI Bunty,

    Interesting post. I think any formaldahyde we come in contact with is bad. I know it’s in many nail varnishes and so on but I think it may be best to stay away from putting it on out heads!

  2. i did it and started sheddin overnight

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