The Khan Can

Jemima Khan has been trying to change her popular persona from IT girl to political interviewer and civil liberties supporter.

I must admit I was surprised to see her name in an article as the interviewer of Nick Clegg and thought what was she doing there?  I remember she had interviewed Fatima Bhutto for a glossy magazine and Jemima’s name was just as prominent on the cover as her subject’s.

She was only 20 when she married Imran Khan (who was 42!) and spent the decade from her 20s to 30s in Lahore – that must have been both interesting and tough.  Jemima is also patron of a moderate Islamic thinktank and is passionate about free speech and defensive of Pakistan.

Her own best publicist, Jemima Khan knows how to court the media and contacts and has been referred to as an ‘Arianna Huffington type’.  It will be interesting to see how she develops her political interests separately from her brother’s.


3 Responses to “The Khan Can”

  1. The reason she got this job is because it was for a tory magazine and she is well connected – I would hardly compare this bimbo to Arianna Huffington!

    More to the point, why is Nick Clegg discussing that he cries to music and that he is human and has “feelings” – what a loser

  2. Jemima’s just been made associate editor of the independent and it’s cheapie paper, i.

    Connections help…


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