Covet Corals

Turn up the volume with these amazing corals I am recommending for lips and nails:

Tom Ford’s True Coral lipstick is a bold shade but if you dab it on with your fingertip you get a much softer look (available in Selfridges).  It’s a look for real attention seekers as you’re guaranteed to get it!

Now the nails…I have a bling and a budget option so here goes:

Even if you wear these colours to do the housework I bet you will feel more glamorous.



2 Comments to “Covet Corals”

  1. I love coral – I have coral nail varnish on as I type!

    I wear my coral lippie with green eyeshadow .. the natural look is BORING !

  2. Sounds like a fab combo! I do love green eyeshadow.

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