Melodramatic or Understandable?

A prominent story in one of India’s broadsheets today details the sad tale of two sisters found starving in a flat in Noida (a large city beside Delhi).  The sisters inflicted this upon themselves after suffering from severe depression.

They lost both their parents by 1998 and their brother abandoned them after his marriage to fend for themselves and the final trigger was that six months ago their dog died, seemingly tipping them over the edge.  Police and social workers forced the flat open yesterday. No one had noticed they were missing and there they were skeletal and decomposing while still alive, clinging on to life. One sister finally passed away and the other is stable.

Is this story for real and how do we understand the logic and reasoning behind their extreme behaviour?  Both women were in their 40s. Losing a parent or loved one is indeed sad but was they were adults and was the real loss for them that they had no guardian after the brother left and no means of financial support?  I can’t quite understand this I’m afraid so and obviously we will never know the full story but I do find it quite melodramatic.


One Comment to “Melodramatic or Understandable?”

  1. Bubbly, this is really a tragic story. I am really not sure how I feel about it.

    Depression is a really hard one to understand unless you are in it. The mind is very complex and we do not know what was going on in their brains. The loss of parents and the shock trauma associated with this can be extremely harsh for people. We do not know their upbringing.

    In this country, we are lucky. we have numerous counselling options. What did they have?

    It saddens me that they became victims and some sort of natural survival instinct didn’t kick in.

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