Phones 4 U

Iphone, Blackberry, Android – which one is for you?

When buying my smartphone, I was automatically attracted to the Iphone. My aunt around the same time was drawn to a blackberry and my husband to an android. It did make me wonder how our personalities are reflected through our phones.

My aunt is a solicitor and the very serious looking phone that is made for business on the move really does reflect her. It doesn’t have flashy apps, does basic functions very well and as long as she does not have to spend time learning how to use it, it is a perfect find. Apparently recent government research identifies users to be professionals such as legal, finance and business.

The HTC Android phone my husband went for put me totally off them. It’s bulky poor design was quite unattractive. My husband is quite functional and pragmatic. This phone is definitely of those characteristic. The HTC had many problems setting up and the interface was very scientific and robotic. Great for an IT techy but not for me.

The Iphone sits on the shelves the very proud. It’s simple but stylish. Very easy to use, little instruction needed and lots of fun with all the great apps. The interface is so neat. It cold function better but is a great gadget. It serves my purpose very well. Research has identified that the primary users of this phone are creative industries, young and trendy and gadget lovers.

Which phone do you have and does it reflect your personality?



4 Comments to “Phones 4 U”

  1. I’m definately an iPhone lover. Love using it and simple, stylish which I love x

  2. I love my HTC Mozart – best phone ever!!!!

  3. I have a blackberry torch and it’s fab. Iphones do look nice but I can’t stand the way owners of iphones coo over them like they are The Most Amazing Thing In The World get over it guys, it’s just a phone.

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