Silly Man Pleaser

I read an article recently in which the journalist blasted her fellow sex for grooming themselves for and to please men.

The article focused predominantly on waxing but the general message was that women were pathetic for conforming to men’s ideas of what is sexy.

I found it a little harsh and presumptive that women groom to please men.  It is so old fashioned to still think like that.  When I wear red lipstick or nail varnish it is most certainly not for men. When I wear stilettos it is not for men, when I take a shower and apply face powder it is not for men.

Women are constantly criticised for the decisions they take and assumptions made of them.  Is it still such a wild concept that women might groom to please themselves?


3 Comments to “Silly Man Pleaser”

  1. Hi Bubbly,

    Great post. Isn’t it a shame that feminism hasn’t moved on. It seems like the sheer existence for women is for men. Like you, I like to look good for myself and my self confidence. I like wearing feminine clothes, shaving my legs and underarms, applying make up and a bit of perfume. All for me!

    Bunty x

  2. But how do you both KNOW that you do not enjoy your self-grooming regimes because men prefer you that way? Isn’t that the point?

    Men prefer you hairless (you shave, pluck and wax), they like you smelling nice (you perfume), they like big eyes (you glitter, line and enhance, they like full lips (you paint), they like freshness (you blush) etc …

  3. I agree that it is a little pathetic to conform to men’s idea of what is sexy .. but I question whether that is what we are doing. It is hard to conform out of the idea of what is sexy – it will take many years for me to be persuaded that naturally hairy legs are attractive. So maybe I am simply conforming to what our society considers is attractive (eg compared to France where it’s ok to have hairy armpits).

    I work with a woman that does not wear make up or shave her arms, legs etc. She looks very plain and always looks slightly ill. I take a lot of time to get ready each morning and I know that I am a desirable and attractive woman – I love getting compliments, even enjoy the odd wolf whistle, and yes, getting compliments from women means a lot more yada yada but being checked out by a good looking guy is much more fun!

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