Vaisakhi Neigbourhood Watch

Sunrise Radio, a dedicated South Asian station, warned Vaisakhi celebrators to watch their houses and burglars prey. Whist there is no conclusive evidence, it was suggested that Asians were robbing Asians.

A thief is a thief regardless of race. It doesn’t surprise me that it is Asians doing the burglary at this time as they are in the know about these festivals. If you are a thief then this is an opportune time.

Happy Vaisakhi!


One Comment to “Vaisakhi Neigbourhood Watch”

  1. Hi Bunty

    It’s sad isn’t it though to take advantage of a celebration to steal from your community.

    I know stories of families who have visited Pakistan for a wedding or something and have been robbed potentially and probably by their own distant relatives as they know that the visitors from abroad will have loads of jewels and cash on them! Pathetic really.

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