Juicy Jalebis

During my last trip to Delhi, I picked up this book for my little nieces:

It is an adorable short illustrated story about a raja and his dream about jalebis those yummy scrummy far-too-sweet Punjabi sweets: hot and crispy on the outside, juicy syrup on the inside.

My whole family enjoyed the illustrations and it was lovely for my nieces to see a story where the characters were dressed in traditional clothing, about a subject they know.  The story is written in English and Hindi for those of you who are talented enough to read both.


3 Comments to “Juicy Jalebis”

  1. What a great illustration!

  2. Bubbly, This looks like a great book. Do you know where we can buy this?
    A friend of mine send me an email to a book her masi wrote in USA. Here is the link: https://www.createspace.com/3547141

  3. Hi Bunty

    I think this book is only available in India, I will try and find out who the publisher is and let you all know.

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