Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

A big story across the Atlantic this week is a raging debate caused by a new J Crew (clothing brand) ad featuring their president painting her son’s toenails pink at his request.

The Usual Suspects, including Fox News, have commented that the president should start saving up for her son’s therapy and that the company is encouraging gay behaviour.  Oh dear…

Is it still so controversial to let boys and girls mix their interests?  As one our fellow readers commented recently, her brother wore make-up when they were kids as he wanted to be like her and it’s really not a big deal.

In fact I would like to see more men wearing make-up, perhaps they could benefit from kohl like Johnny here:

Today I am wearing black eyeliner with a splash of electric blue under my bottom lashes, it’s such a fun look why can’t men try it?  I liked that in the 80s make-up and hairspray was essential kit for most rock stars, at least men had the confidence and open mind to experiment and try and they look like they had fun.

I think this guy would get a job at a make-up counter, the assistants always have way too much bronzer on!


4 Comments to “Boys Just Wanna Have Fun”

  1. My cousin used to like painting his toenails when he was younger. Wouldn’t get him wearing any sort of make up now. I wonder how people would feel about men wearing make-up in the normal world. Working in factories, banks and teachers etc…. These men are all artists so can get away with it.

    A friend of mine wears foundation, eyeliner and mascara. I love how he spends his time looking good. The foundation has done wonders for his complexion.

    Men are spending more time on grooming products. It is only a matter of time before make-up becomes part of this.

  2. A bit of guyliner is always good. It’s edgy, funky and crazy – most girls like an element of that in a guy no matter what they overtly say ;). I’m a big fan of guyliner – You go guy!

  3. I just love men with make-up .. although my boyfriend wouldn’t wear make-up (he is too rugby-type) he spends more money on grooming products than I do.

    I find it disgusting that Fox News consider the mother is encouraging gay behaviour .. and even if her son is gay, so what? I would love to have a a gay son to hang out with and who will adore me!

  4. men should be allowed to hide their sins and partying behind make up too

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