Cheese Lover

In my old age I am becoming a Sufi poetry fan, a lot of which is dedicated to cheesy love. 

The minute I heard my first love story,

I started looking for you, not knowing

how blind that was.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,

they’re in each other all along.


Some of the poetry is so beautiful even in its English translation that it makes me want to learn Persian (on the To Do List but the list is long).

Just thought I would share this poem with you.  If you like it, let me know and I’ll dig out some more!


8 Responses to “Cheese Lover”

  1. Aah – a lttle bit of cheesy romance is good for the soul. Bring it on Bubbly!

  2. And then you wake up!

  3. I love cheesy stuff! X

  4. Yummmm cheese. Who doesn’t like cheese? We all have different types of cheese we like – but we all like cheese no matter what our tastes 😉
    This cheese was nice xxx

  5. Thanks for the cheese it is a beautiful poem

  6. Hah! Sounds like “A Cheesy Affair”! Lovin’ cheese for life.


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