House of Horror

I’m currently looking for a flat in Delhi and I mentioned a flat that has been lying empty for years to a friend and asked her if I should enquire about it. This question was met with a morbid shake of the head NO, not to enquire or risk moving in as some flats have bad energy.  She pointed out that the flat is in an exclusive part of Delhi and even though the property is beautiful and available no one has moved in for a reason.  She recounted a story of a flat she moved out of as it had very bad energy and they heard of deaths and strange happenings before they ever moved and there was an untimely death in the family that moved to the property after them. Is this spooky superstition or real bad energy?  I’m quite a scaredy cat with an over-active imagination at the best of times so won’t enquire about the flat but am I being daft and do you know of similar properties? Bubbly the Bhoot!

2 Comments to “House of Horror”

  1. You are being daft.. think of all the amazing adventures you could have with Kasim the Friendly Ghost!

    You are perfectly safe .. as long as you don’t play ouija board on your own in the basement.

  2. OOh I don’t know. When you think there is something scary, you start hearing things even if there is nothing there. Living there might be just quite stressful!!
    God we are a superstitious and bad omen ridden bunch!!!
    We would do a Havan and get rid of the ghosts. Would you do something similar?

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