Men Are Just Sore Losers!

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, I went to the Emirates Stadium to watch my beloved Liverpol Football team take on Arsenal. My husband, an Arsenal fan, sat at one end of he ground as I sat at the other. The game was a draw. I left the stadium singing and dancing. He left moaning and grumbling.

Whilst I do understand that the result for Arsenal yesterday was poor, I do not understand why men have to be so melodramatic over a game of football. I totally believe in being passionate and support my football team with great passion, but I won’t let a result be the be all and end all of everything.

I know this goes on in many households so I do wonder, are men sore losers or are women just not as passionate supporters as their male counterparts?

I like to think that women handle losing better. We are able to handle knock backs and “getting on with it” just comes to us naturally. I was accused of not being a proper supporter and that I didn’t care about my team as much as he did. I walked down the aisle to “You will never walk alone” and had the Liverbird as my mendhi on my legs! That’s dedication.

This maybe an over generalisation, but the more I go to football games, the more convinced I am that men really need to grow up.


6 Comments to “Men Are Just Sore Losers!”

  1. Why are all men sore losers just because your husband is one? Generalisations like this are not helpful to women – you help the whole “Men are from Mars” myth. Female journalists like you (together with some female writers and comedians) fuel sexisms and then get all uppity if men generalise about you back.
    A draw in a football match is nothing to go home singing about, I would be gutted if my team drew and oh my god i’m a woman. You are not a football fan which is why you don’t care about the result and just enjoyed the day out. You support Liverpool and appear to be from London. Case closed.

  2. I support Panathanaikos and Celtic, I’m not Greek but I do partly live in Scotland. Don’t we just support teams because we like them and other reasons not necessarily because we are from the city they originate from?

  3. p.s. I’m not a real fan I’d be the first to admit it but I am really proud of my teams when they win

  4. I support Celtic and am not from Glasgow .. however, I have to admit that I cannot name a single person in the football team.

    Everyone knows that rugby is sooo much more fun to watch!

    I have a friend whose husband goes into a real mood when “his team” loses and she even knows that she will not get any action that night – unluckily for her, his team (Manchester City) is crap and they lose a lot.

  5. That’s funny Vakeel Bibi. My friend’s husband goes to bed and doesn’t talk to her for a whole day as if it is her fault!

    The old cliche argument that is spurted out at any fan not from the area of the football team they support is ludicrous. Football is an international game and there are avid followers of British teams from all over the world. In fact the football teams need these fans as they are the ones who spend vast sums of money on merchandise and tv subscriptions that form part of the income of these clubs.

    I have followed Liverpool since I was a toddler and go to as many games as I can. I watch them week in and week out. Being happy that my team escaped defeat in the dying seconds is normal. Of course I was singing, like 3000 other Liverpool fans that left the stadium on Sunday. Are you trying to tell me that none of these people are real football fans????

    After paying £50 to go and see a game, too right, I am enjoying my day out. After all it is entertainment that I am paying for.

  6. Firstly, the draw on Sunday was a good result for Liverpool as we were already shy of several senior players from the start and to add to our woes we suffered 3 further injuries during the game and had to rely on players who were very early on in their careers (one a debutant). So ‘do one’ I HEART HEARTS, as your somewhat belittling statement about a LFC doesn’t wash.

    Secondly, I have to admit that although I wanted Arsenal to lose on Sunday, being a Liverpool fan, I can understand the misery suffered by Bunty’s fella. This game almost put the lid on another trophyless season for them, which could have added to his plight. However, I also do think men take football a whole lot more seriously than the ladies and by your account Bunty, you deem it as a pass time as opposed to a religion, as most men do.

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