Nip And Tuck For God

Dear Diary,

My little nephew had his circumcision last week.  I know that boys in many religions and cultures go through this process but I feel it’s wrong.

I know that health benefits are cited and of course God but I think that boys should decide for themselves when they are older if they want the op.  Perhaps circumcision is a relic of ancient times that needs to be phased out?  My poor little nephew wasn’t allowed to eat on the day of his op and he had to get general anaesthetic how worrying for his mum and all of us, he’s only a brave little baby (sometimes in a batman costume).


6 Comments to “Nip And Tuck For God”

  1. If a boy has at least one parent that is muslim or jewish then he will have to have the snip.

    It is strange that this custom is fairly accepted, yet the female equivalent is abhorred and banned throughout the world. What is the difference?

  2. Wasn’t the intention for female circumcision to ensure chastity. Apparently for boys it is to reduce sexual desires. Why would you want to do this?????
    Bubbly, I do not agree with circumcision either. Not for the purpose of custom. Young children do not have the choice. My views differ if there is a medical reason for the circumcision. I know two people where this was the case.

  3. I think the purpose of the female version is to make sex less enjoyable and actually painful. I don’t think the male version is to reduce desire, perhaps a male reader could enlighten us?!

    maybe no one knows why it is sanctioned in religion, it’s just been done for so long that no one questions it.

  4. Interesting read on male circumcision.

    Whilst the implications of circumcision are painful, there is research supporting that tribes take on female circumcision to ensure chastity. Often in these cases, there are historically moral reasons behind such rituals however immoral they may seem now.

    The origins are very obscure and different groups have adopted the ritual for various reasons. I agree Bubbly, it is about time we questioned it.

  5. Circumcision for both boys and girls was advocated in the late 1800’s as a means to control sexual urges and behavior. John Harvey Kellogg and others led the Western world in sexual repression. Male circumcision does not completely stop masturbation (as almost any man will attest). I was cut at birth and I am restoring my foreskin. Masturbation is a lot more fun with a foreskin, even a restored one. See

  6. I think it’s a decision men should take as adults. I didn’t know about kelloggs campaign thanks for the information.

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