Which Witch?

There is a story in one of today’s newspapers detailing a number of gruesome murders of women in Assam accused of being witches.  Yes, it is still 2011 and you haven’t woken up after being in a 300 year long coma.

I find this news report to be at odds with my life in Delhi and find it hard to believe and comprehend that it is the same India.  Indeed it is shocking and depressing that an NGO in Assam will now embark on an education programme in the area to inform villagers that they can’t murder women for being witches.

Let’s hope that the people from the NGO don’t find themselves in a mob attack accused of being witches themselves, remember that during the awful and hysterical witch trials no one was safe…


7 Comments to “Which Witch?”

  1. I can’t believe this story!!

    I read the article and it makes for horrific reading – how can people hack a woman to death? But why these women accused of being witches? The article doesn’t explain what they are supposed to have done – or are they simply single women with no man to protect them from these hateful people?

  2. This is a really ugly and horrific story. I cannot believe this is happening. I have the same question as Vakeel Bibi.
    In Gujrat people still believe in witches and there are many superstitions associated with them. Though I have not heard of this kind of witch hunt.

    I hope that there is a fair look into this and it is really addressed. Sometimes these crimes end up being brushed under the carpet because they are so horrific and people do not want to draw attention to the atrocities.

    I really feel sickened by this.

  3. Well guys a little update the death toll is now 6 and this includes a man who was the husband of one of the victims very sad

  4. Thanks for the update Bubbly – what terrible news – why have these women been accused of witch craft?

  5. I don’t know what set the hunts off I’m afraid there really isn’t clarity about the background, but I will update this post if I learn more.

  6. Are we any closer to learning what these women have allegedly done in order to be accused of witchcraft?
    I’ve tried looking online to no avail.

  7. No updates yet sorry there haven’t been any further news stories in the press either. Will let you know of further developments.

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